As part of Navarathri celebrations, Saraswathi Pooja Talent Show 2017 was conducted on Wednesday, 27.09.2017

VIJ_6789 VIJ_7156 VIJ_7535 VIJ_7541 VIJ_7666 VIJ_7690 VIJ_7695 VIJ_7744 VIJ_7810 VIJ_7823 VIJ_7908 VIJ_7927 VIJ_7984 VIJ_8024 VIJ_8212 VIJ_8383 VIJ_8420 VIJ_8753 VIJ_8808 VIJ_8918 VIJ_9104 VIJ_9118 VIJ_9383 VIJ_9390 IMG_20170927_124903 IMG_20170927_125348 IMG_20170927_125815As part of the Talent Show various Literary & Cultural inter-departmental  competitions were held. Competitions included – Debate, Quiz, Elocution, Rangoli, Facepaint, Solo & Group dance, Solo & group songs. The students participated with a spirit of comradeship.