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Workshop on Networking Security was conducted by Ms. Sunita Amingad, Technical Trainer of Jetking Sadashivanagar Learning Center on 13.09.2017.

IMG_20170913_101938 IMG_20170913_101930 IMG_20170913_101845 IMG_20170913_095800The main focus of workshop was on creating awareness amongst students for Networking and to provide insight knowledge of Routers and Switches.    The objective of the workshop was to orient the students towards current industry trends and requirements.

The Topics covered were:  Introduction and Scope of Network,   Working of OSI Model, Firewall,   Stating Routing,   Default Routing, Dynamic Routing (RIP), Switching & Wireless Security etc.,


An awareness program on ‘Rally for Rivers’ was conducted by Volunteers of Isha foundation on 06.09.2017.

Ganga, Krishna, Narmada, Kaveri – many of our great rivers are depleting fast. If we do not act now, the legacy we hand over to the next generation will be one of conflict and deprivation. These rivers nurtured and nourished us for thousands of years. It is time we citizens nurture and nourish them back to health as a social responsibility. As part of the campaign “Rally for Rivers’ volunteer of  Isha foundation  presented an awareness program to our students.

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Teacher’s Day Celebration @ AIMS&R on 5th September 2017

Our honourable Chairman, Dr. B. A. Vishwanath addressed the Teachers and students with an inspirational talk on the occasion of Teachers Day celebration at AIMS& R.

5th of September every year is celebrated as “Teachers Day’ to pay tribute to the contribution made by all teachers to the society.  In fact, 5th September is the Birth anniversary of a great teacher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, an ardent teacher, a scholar, a well-known diplomat and  the former President of India.

When his students and friends wanted to celebrate his Birthday, Dr Radhakrishnan said that he would feel honored if 5th September is celebrated as   “Teachers Day”