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As part of Cancer Awareness Week launched by Govt. of India, Cancer Awareness campaign was conducted on 10.11.2017. The session was conducted by Mr. Shankar Rao Patil of Biotechnology Dept.,

Through the session, interacting with the students of UG & MBA, Mr. Patil brought an awareness of the ways of detection of cancer at an early stage. But the focus was on prevention of cancer.

Tips and methods  of early  detection of breast and cervical cancer was highlighted to the female students and staff members.


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Workshop on Networking Security was conducted by Ms. Sunita Amingad, Technical Trainer of Jetking Sadashivanagar Learning Center on 13.09.2017.

IMG_20170913_101938 IMG_20170913_101930 IMG_20170913_101845 IMG_20170913_095800The main focus of workshop was on creating awareness amongst students for Networking and to provide insight knowledge of Routers and Switches.    The objective of the workshop was to orient the students towards current industry trends and requirements.

The Topics covered were:  Introduction and Scope of Network,   Working of OSI Model, Firewall,   Stating Routing,   Default Routing, Dynamic Routing (RIP), Switching & Wireless Security etc.,