MBA III Semester- Project Dates



MBA III Semester – Project Dates


Each candidate should undertake a project work immediately after the second semester examination and submit a bound copy of the report within two weeks of commencement of III Semester. This project, under the guidance of a faculty of the institution, has to be  on a live management problem/issue concerning either an organization or otherwise. The purpose of the project is to develop larger life skills and positive attitude among students who have to has wider perspective on society/organization. Student is expected to enrich with competency / skills / attitudes and perspectives about live society and organization.

The duration of the project is four weeks after the completion of II Semester and before the commencement of III semester. There will be 25 marks for project report and 25 marks for viva-voce. A minimum of 25 marks out of 50 is required for a pass in the project work. The viva and the project report will be evaluated by a member of the panel of examiners and the concerned faculty guide. Specific guidelines for the same will be given shortly.


S. No Particulars Dates
1 Date of commencement of Project 1st  August 2017
2 Submission of one page abstract for Project 10th August 2017
3 Submission of Weekly Progress Report

1st Progress Report

2nd Progress Report


25th August  2017

08th September  2017

4 Completion of Project 10th September  2017
5 Commencement of Classes for 3rd Semester 11th September 2017
6 Submission of Final Report 25th  September 2017


For details contact your Project guides: Ms. Sheeba , Ms. Jayashree, Ms. Nagarathinam & Mr. Sachidanand.