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As part of Cancer Awareness Week launched by Govt. of India, Cancer Awareness campaign was conducted on 10.11.2017. The session was conducted by Mr. Shankar Rao Patil of Biotechnology Dept.,

Through the session, interacting with the students of UG & MBA, Mr. Patil brought an awareness of the ways of detection of cancer at an early stage. But the focus was on prevention of cancer.

Tips and methods  of early  detection of breast and cervical cancer was highlighted to the female students and staff members.


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MBA III Semester Project Report – Soft Copy Submission Notification


Aditya Institute of Management Studies & Research        

 MBA –III Semester Project Report 2017-18

Students are hereby instructed to follow the Project guidelines as notified earlier and to submit the soft copy of the Project report as per the format given below. The Plagiarism checks to be made by Turnitin software only.

Last date to submit the softcopy of the Project report approved by the respective guides for final submission to the University approval – Saturday, 15th September  2017.

Format for MBA III Semester Project 2017-18

1.      Preliminary Pages
       Title Page
       Inner page
  1. Guide Certificate
  2. Organization Certificate
  3. Declaration by student
  4. Plagiarism Certificate
  5. Acknowledgement
  6. Table of content
  7. List of tables
  8. List of figures
  1. Chapter scheme
    1. Chapter -1: Introduction
    2. Chapter -2: Industry or Company Profile/ Profile of the Respondents
    3. Chapter -3: Research Methodology
      • Statement of the problem
      • Need of the study
      • Objectives of the study
      • Research Methodology
    4. Chapter -4: Data Analysis
    5. Chapter -5: Results/Observations, Findings & Suggestions