Alumni Meet 2022 was celebrated on 15.10.2022. The new Association was elected by the members.


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Alumni details of aditya institute of management studies and research

Voice of Alumni Students: 

 Kenny George Ernest (Tanzania)

Your Schooling may be over but remember that your education still continues” Aditya Institute of Management Studies & Research has enabled me to develop my collective passion for success that drives me ahead and provides me with the vision and innovative thinking towards my bright future ahead during the three years of my education here.

ShalakaRegmi ( Nepal)

A good quality education is the key to realize our dream. My three years in AIMS & R is educating me which has shown a good path to success. AIMS & R has opened many doors and has provided me with many advantages and opportunities. Our Hostel provides the best atmosphere for studying. On my first visit to the hostel I found it extremely new, but living in this positive and good atmosphere, I have learned to be more independent and disciplined. Going back home to me will be the hardest thing. . I am very grateful and proud to be a part of this Institution.

Santi P J(Kerala)

Aditya college degree is a catalyst to a new, exciting and challenging lifestyle and a gainful employment in future. The hostel environment is positive and enhances concentration on studies. Thanks Aditya.

Herve (Ivory Coast)

For me Aditya college has been great and it is like taking the reins and finally feeling like I truly have control over my life. It has given me a sense of accomplishment.

Ramya (Karnataka)

I am grateful to this Institution which has set up a wonderful platform for my career. Institution has updated and upgraded me with all the efficient knowledge required in this modern generation technology. I have been acquainted with both the practical and theoretical knowledge.

Shashidhar .B(Karnataka)

Aditya is a place which teaches the lesson to lead the life. Actually Leadership is in the hands of students. My personal experience is I have learnt a lot in this college. This college made me to participate actively in all the events like sports, NSS activities paper presentation etc., I proudly tell I am one of the students of Aditya Institute of Management Studies and Research.


All the teachers and the staff of Aditya are of great help who have made my studies very simple and easy to learn. Excellent teaching and guidance by the faculty members. Thank you Aditya!

Joy Kishan(Tripura)

The environment at Aditya is friendly and homely. Every faculty member and admin staff is very cordial and motivates us to study better and help us to excel in our day to day activities. Thank You Aditya team.



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