Committees, Cells & Forums

There are various cells in the Institution as per the requirement of Bengaluru City University / AICTE / MHRD.

Each  Cell is  headed by  the  Faculty and members comprise of other faculty members and students representing each batch. Every Cell is monitored by the Principal and the HoD.

The Cells meet every quarterly and discuss on a pre-scheduled agenda and ensure that the resolutions as passed in the meetings are executed diligently  in the interest of the students and the institution.

In case, the students face  any problem or issues , he/she can approach the respective Cell Head for redressal of issues.

For any student related grievances, please contact:

  1. Student Personal Counseling Cell:


  • To assist & develop BASICS (Behavior, Attitude, Skills, Integrity, Competencies & Service) vital for a successful career.
  • To address about defence mechanism and counsel  to equip them with a skills to help themselves out of their problems.
  • Identifying & addressing barriers to academic learning such as attendance problems, discipline, health, family, peer pressure, language, lack of interest.
  1. Students Grievance & Welfare cell:


  • To give awareness of Unity in diversity.
  • Advising students of the college to respect the rights & dignity of one another and show utmost restraint and patience whenever any occasion of rift arises.
  • Emphasising the students to the respect for right and dignity of each one as citizens and try to create awareness.
  1. Human Rights Protection Cell:


  • The main objective of protection of human rights act 1993 is protecting human beings from violations.
  • The rights relating to life, liberty, equality and dignity of the individual as guaranteed by the constitution or also included in the category of human rights.
  1. Anti-Ragging Cell:


  • To uphold and comply with the directions of honorable supreme court and be vigilant on any acts amounting to ragging.
  • To oversee the undertaking from the students in accordance with the provisions.
  • To offer services of counselling & create awareness among the students.
  1. Women Grievance cell & Anti sexual Harassment:


  • To resolve issues pertaining to girls or women sexual harassment.
  • To safeguard the rights of female students, faculty & staff members.
  • To provide a platform for listening to complaint & redressal of grievances.
  1. Equal opportunity cell:


  • To ensure equity & equal opportunity to the community at large in the college & bring about social inclusion.
  • To enhance the diversity among the students teaching and non teaching staff & eliminate perception of discrimination.
  • To look into the grievances of the weaker sections of the society & suggest amicable solutions to their problems.
  1. Gender sensitivity Cell:


  • To modify behaviour by raising awareness of gender equality concerns.
  • To reduce barriers of personal & economic development created by sexism.
  • To generate respect for the individual regardless of sex.


Being a student isn’t all about lectures and exams. AIMS & R strongly believes that a well groomed individual makes a greater contribution to society.In order to foster competitive spirit, students are encouraged to participate in a number of Management Fests organized by the Institutes across the country.

There are Forums that are run by the students with the guidance and mentoring of the faculty to discover their potentials. A variety of student forums provide an opportunity to get involved in organizing & participating in many events, enabling the students to showcase their talents, aptitude and professionalism.

Some of the forums are :

• Editorial & Literary
• Marketing
• Human Resource
• Finance
• Information Technology
• Business & Corporate Relations
• Entrepreneurship
• Social Responsibility /NSS
• Arts, Sports & Culture
• Alumni Forum