Dussehra Celebrations 2019

Dussehra is the Nadahabba (state-festival) of the state of  Karnataka.  It is a 10-day festival, starting with  Navaratri  (Nava-ratri means nine-nights) and the last day being Vijayadashami.
As part of the festivity, traditional toys / dolls depicting our epics were displayed  meaningfully by the students and faculty. The colorful rangoli and  lights illuminated the display everyday.
Series of competitions are conducted in view of Navarathri. Students of UG & MBA participated in various events conducted:


DAY 1: 30.09.2019

Nail Art, Face Painting competitions were held

Poster / Collage  Presentations: on different themes in Business / IT  & Science

DAY 2 : 01.10.2019

Flower Decoration & Vegetable Carving

Treasure Hunt- Students had loads of fun and learning in this event

DAY 3 : 03.10.2019

Desi Games: In order to re-call the games of yesteryear, various traditional / Desi  games were played by the students with enthusiasm

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DAY 4 :  04.10.2019

Pencil Sketch / Drawing & Painting competitions

Cooking without Fire 




Kabaddi Tournament 




DAY 5 : 05.10.2019

Ethnic Day Celebration  – Mehandi / Rangoli Competition